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The professional manufacturer of circular knitting machines
Tayu Machine: Take you to the new kingdom
Vision and Objective

Tayu: Innovation loops you and us and creates future business chances

Clients’ innovation triggers ours. The relationship of growth between the clients and the Company is just as the loop formation in knitting fabrics. Only perfect looping can achieve perfect fabrics structure. Diversification in the development of machines for special fabrics is the greatest advantage that enables the Company to lead the industry. Our knitting machines have inherited Tayu’s fine structure system formed over many years and in field of special knitting products, Tayu’s professional technology always keeps the pace with the development need of the times.

Our success comes from your strong support!

Powerful Management Team

A successful rule in the times of integration: independent work is addition and team work, multiplication

We owns a very capable team with strong cohesion power and innovative capacity. Tayu advocates team work spirit, encourages innovation and respects individual concept and need of self-development of all employees, hereby creating a homelike  atmosphere full of sincerity and openness. In Tayu, employees deem the Company as successful and stable and choose to work with the Company in their lifelong career. 

Tayu’s mature e-commercial management system joins together its upstream suppliers with global clients and enables an effective building of customer-focused marketing network and site rapid technical interactive system, which can not only manage very complex technical processes in the production in an efficient manner, but also make a rapid response to the demand on special machine types. The annual client satisfaction and loyalty survey has helped build a win-win supply-demand relationship.

Witness of Our True Strength

Please experience our powerful manufacturing strength

Inheriting our Taiwan parent company’s tradition of fine technology, quality and management, our 15,000 m2 factory was also fabricated, installed and adjusted by skilled senior technicians. Supported by our many years’ accumulated management experience, the Company has greatly improved the production capacity, reduced the manufacture cost and realized our commitment to the clients.

Tayu knows clearly that clients not only need proactive knitting machine types but also hope that the machines can run reliably all year round without extra loss and maintenance. With the main parts that are all treated by high technology and the fittings that are of Germany and Japan international brands, Tayu products are ensured to be up to and exceed the international testing standards.

Secrets of high-standard & high-efficiency knitting machines: rigorous multiple testing

Knitting equipment is required to be innovative continuously and high speed and high capacity only can not satisfy most of the clients. Tayu’s full series of machine types are required to be comprehensively upgraded in both accuracy and tolerance in 2008 and to march towards superfine stitch length and special plating process. Every one of our products will pass various kinds of strict tests before its delivery, including comprehensive test, professional test and automation implementation test. We have independent testing experts in full responsibility of testing technique research. In their technical parameters, “perfection” is a lifelong pursuit though almost impossible.